ASUS X552EA-DH41 Review

Asus Company has at last introduced the world its new addition to the line of budget laptops, namely Asus X552EA-DH41. It’s a 64-bit model that features modest performance of 1.5GHz AMD A4-5000 Quad Core Processor, 4GB DDR3L RAM and 500GB Hard Drive.

ASUS X552EA-DH41 Review

What concerns screen size, Asus X552EA stands at comfortable 15.6″ HD Widescreen LCD display with high 1366×768 resolution.

In general, this machine is able to satisfy the needs of an average computer user and fulfill all of his everyday work needs without altering the laptop’s performance efficiency.

ASUS X552EA-DH41-2

But let’s take a deeper look at this model trying to analyze its benefits in accordance with different user demographics.

What Type of User Demographic You Belong To?

1.      Casual Users. Asus X552EA-DH41 is a perfect choice for casual users because it’s cheap, simple and easy to use. It can easily cope with typical everyday programs such as email, Skype (HD webcam for video chatting) or browser, guaranteeing their flawless run.A pre-installed latest Windows 8 operating system works fine giving you some taste of future, though a touchscreen for Windows 8 would be more beneficial.

2.      Students. An affordable price makes Asus X552EA-DH41 an average choice as a student laptop. Besides, the size of 2.3 kg is standard and allows students who are always on a go to carry the laptop effortlessly. One more minor advantage would be the 4-Cell Lithium-Ion battery that corresponds to 4 hours of work without any charge.

3.      Gamers. If you’re a professional gamer and like playing new and, more importantly, demanding games with fancy graphics, forget it! Asus X552EA-DH41 has got a slow graphic card that gives little boost with games. Older games would run well, but serious gaming is out of the question.

4.      Business Users. Unless you run awfully complex business programs, you will find Asus X552EA-DH41 adequate to satisfy your average business needs. It’s easy to carry if you travel a lot and feature normal Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet to satisfy your networking needs.

5.      Power Users. In general, Asus DH41’s performance might be enough for power users. The 1.5GHz Quad Core Processor provides nice power for standard applications. The 4GB RAM is good for occasional power use, but not enough for complex programs.

Unless you’re into big files, the 500GB Hard Drive is quite enough for most users. CD & DVD burner for those who work with disc media, 2 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI output and SC card reader for those who work with peripheral equipment (scanner, printer, camera, TV etc.).

Asus X552EA-DH41 may not a be a good choice for gamers or power users, but it is definitely a perfect choice for casual users that do not run complex programs, but deal with light applications at home or office.

Though the model doesn’t offer too much of performance, it’s still affordable, easy to use, and does its job well.

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  1. Mike

    I'm totally satissfied with this laptop. Really very useful for chatting, for some work in a cafe or elsewhere. Just it is your best help for everything. Already have PC by Asus, their products are really of high quality.

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